Crab Winches

The crab winch has been part of a standard range of winches since the 1950s and to this day, it is being used in multiple industries. This robustly designed winch comprises of an open type, incline helical gears, large rope capacity and high gear ratios.



Motorized Crab Winches

All motorized units are supplied with standard TEFC flange mount electric motors. Fitted with electromagnetic brakes at the rear, coupled to a simple direct drive primary reduction gearbox and with optional failsafe braking done via spring applied brake callipers, fixed to the side of the rope drum. These units are ideally suited for stage sinking and high lift applications.

  • Standard voltages included: 220V Single phase or 380V 3 Phase 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
  • All winches are fully reversible, thus giving the operator complete control of the winch load in both directions.
  • All electric motors conform to NEMA, EEMAC or IEC specifications, motors can be supplied as single or two speed.

Manually Operated Crab Winches

Manually operated winches are controlled via two large ring handles mounted on each side of the winch. Braking is done via a heavy duty pawl and ratchet system assisted by a positive locking drum brake.

Crab Winch Features:

  • Large rope capacity,
  • Robust design,
  • Failsafe electromagnetic brakes on motorized units,
  • Fully reversible,
  • Electronic motors conform to NEMA, EEMAC or IEC specifications,
  • Minimum friction loss through the use of ball bearings on all shafts,
  • Direct floor mounting thus no pedestal required,
  • Winches can be supplied with electric, air or hydraulic motors,
  • Safe working loads range from 1 000 kg to 15 000 kg