Engineered Winches

Winches SA has assisted clients with specialised projects, where out-of-the-box thinking is required and provides a unique solution to a unique situation. Our engineers will work with you to custom design the right solution for your specific application and provide an efficient and dependable solution to your winching needs, no matter how small or large the application may be.



Winches can be designed with the following features:

  • Capabilities range from 1 000kg to 15 000kg safe working loads.
  • Winching speeds can be varied to suit customer requirements.
  • Large rope-drum capacities.
  • The rigid, open base designs, allows the winch to be mounted horizontally or vertically and loads can be lifted directly through the centre of the base frame, ideally suited for limited space applications.
  • Winches SA makes use of a direct drive construction with no requirement for additional drive components thereby increasing efficiency and maximising power output.
  • Winches are fully reversible, giving the operator full control of the load in both directions at all times.
  • Units can be supplied with: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors.
  • Electric motors conform to NEMA, EEMAC or IEC specifications.
  • All winches are designed with call and roller bearings allowing for higher efficiencies.
  • Engineered winches make use of high efficiency planetary/ helical gear reducers or helical worm gear reducers plus anti-friction roller bearings which facilitates an extended product life, low noise and high torque output.
  • All designs are approved by a registered professional engineer.

Some of our custom engineered winches include:

  • 25 Passenger tourist cable car system in Zambia (design, manufacture and commissioning of the winch and structure).
  • 75 kW hydraulic man riding winch.
  • 10-ton Shaft sinking winch sets c/w fail-safe hydraulic brake callipers.
  • Light-mast winches.
  • 1-ton Portable hydraulic winches, with rope capacity of 1 000 meters of steel wire rope.
  • 15 ton Ball mill rotation/installation winches.
  • 10 ton Safe working load man riding winch.
  • 2 ton Boat Winches.
  • Goods lift winches & hoists.

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