Heavy Duty Worm Winches

Winches SA manufactures 1 000kg (1ton) and 2 000kg (2ton) safe working load winches. These winches are heavy duty wall or base mounted worm hand winches.



This is the winch of professionals with automatic holding brake via a heavy duty worm gear.


  • Self-locking worm gear fixed directly to drum for fail-safe braking,
  • Geared for maximum rope recovery per turn of the handle, without undue operator fatigue,
  • Maintenance free bearings,
  • Winches can be modified for split drum application and larger rope capacities,
  • Winches can be all or base mounted,
  • Open worm gear design,
  • Steel frame,
  • Machined worm and worm gear,
  • Heavy-duty design t cope with all operating conditions,
  • Uses Lifting and lowering applications.