Versatile and economical alternative to locomotives used for moving rail cars. A capstan winch was originally a vertical-axled machine developed for sailing ships, today we can supply both vertical and horizontal capstan winches.



Marine – Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, manual: We offer a range of marine application winches which include, but are not limited to:

  • Umbilical, rope, cable reeling winches,
  • Rig platform hoist,
  • Crane hoist,
  • Dredging winches,
  • Mooring winches,
  • Anchor Winches,
  • Trawling winches,
  • Devit cranes,
  • Harbour equipment, capstan winches, bollard fairleads,
  • Docking winches,
  • Ship, product hailing winches.

Mining & Industry – Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, manual

  • Mine winders,
  • Kibble winders,
  • Ore Winders
  • Spillage Winders,
  • Shaft equipping winches,
  • Stage winders,
  • Recovery hoists,
  • Conveyor take up winches,
  • Dragline hoists,
  • Construction hoists,
  • Goods lifts,
  • Scaffold platform hoist structures,
  • Monorail hoists and cranes.