Simple and robust design, Power Winches, make use of a direct drive construction that has no requirement for additional drive components, thereby, increasing efficiency and maximizing power output.  The rigid, open base design, allows the winch to be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position and loads can be lifted directly through the centre of the based frame, ideally suited for limited space applications.

Safe working loads range from 1000kg to 10 000kg with mean take up speeds of 10 meters per minute.

All winches fully reversible, giving the operator full control, of the load, in both direction all the time.

Optional fail safe braking can be provided in the form of hydraulic caliper brakes mounted on the side of the rope drum.

These highly efficient, compact Power Winches have been extensively used by industry and mining alike.

Units can be used as automatic take-up winches.

Units can be supplied with electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motors.